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Power Bank Alarm Manual

1. OperationPush the second gear to the first gear and press the lighting button to turn on the flashlight function. Press the lighting button again to turn on the call for help light function.ll. When the second gear is pushed open, the alarm sound will sound when the first gear is pulled out of the Safety pushing open the second gear causes the second gear to press the shock button to activate the shock function. The USB output port can be used as a mobile power source
2. Main technical parameters product Name: Power Bank AlarmWorking voltage: 3.7VBattery capacity: 3000 MACharging time: more than or less than 2 hours
3. Warning: When using the electric shock function the button cannot be continuously held down for more than 8 seconds. To avoid unnecessary injury caused by accidental discharge, please do not move the switch to the second gear when not using the electric shock function. Users must comply with all local laws regarding the possession and use of the law.

Product Information:

Size: 133 * 27 * 48mm
color: white/black

Packing List:

Power Bank Alarm*1+type_c  line  *1

Five In One Multifunctional Power Bank Rechargeable

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